frequently asked questions

Where are the Keenz Stroller Wagons allowed to be used?

Our Keenz 7S Stroller Wagons are allowed for us at Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, & LegoLand Florida for all families – enjoy! The Keenz 7S Stroller Wagons are only allowed at Walt Disney World for families with special needs. If your family has special needs and is interested in using a Keenz at Walt Disney World, please contact us for more information. 

How does renting a stroller work exactly?

Glad you asked! Simply select the stroller that fits your needs, fill out your vacation details, and RELAX! You’re on vacation! We will handle the rest – free delivery will have your stroller meeting you at your hotel or vacation home at your selected time, and one of our friendly Main Street Stroller Techs will show you all the tricks to your stroller!

Why not just rent a stroller from Disney?
  1. Disney World strollers can only be used in the parks, meaning no stroller to and from the hotels, parking lots, on the monorails, etc.
  2. Disney World strollers are hard plastic strollers with no recline, meaning uncomfortable and fussy kids – and no napping at the parks.
  3. Disney World strollers have no storage, rain covers, or snack trays! 
  4. Disney World strollers cannot be taken off property to non-Disney resort hotels or any other vacation plans you have outside of Disney.
How do I get $5 back?


  1. Follow us @MainStreetStrollers
  2. Post a picture of you and your stroller in-action!
  3. Add #MainStreetStrollin to your caption
  4. tag @MainStreetStrollers
  5. Get your $5 Refunded back to your account within 2-5 business days!
How does the delivery process work?

*For complete delivery policy, please see full Rental Agreement*

Disney requires that you meet our Stroller Techs to accept delivery and return of your stroller(s). When you reserve your stroller, you choose your delivery time that our Stroller Tech will meet you. To alleviate standing time, our Stroller Tech will contact you via the phone number given with the reservation to confirm you’re ready for your delivery! 

Your stroller(s) will be delivered to the bell/luggage desk of your hotel by the time that you request when your reserve your stroller(s). ​

Your stroller(s) will be delivered to your front door at the time that you request when you reserve. We prefer that this is a time that you or someone in your family is available to accept the delivery. We can leave the stroller at the front door if no one is home, but we cannot guarantee the safety of the stroller and once the stroller is delivered it is considered in your possession and responsibility. 

What time is the stroller dropped off?

Disney Resorts & Vacation Homes:
At the time you request on your reservation!

Non-Disney Resorts:
At or before the time that you request on your reservation!

What time is the stroller picked up?
Disney Resorts:
We pickup at the time you select when you make your reservation! Disney requires you be present to meet our Stroller Tech for return of your stroller.
Non Disney Resorts:
We pickup at the time you select when you make your reservation! Simply leave your stroller with the front desk or bell services at or before the time you’ve selected!
Vacation Homes:
We pickup at the time you select when you make your reservation! We prefer that this is a time that you or someone in your family is available to accept the delivery. It is at your discretion if you want to leave the stroller at the front door for our Stroller Tech to pickup, however the stroller is considered in your position and responsibility until Main Street Strollers retrieves the stroller.
Where does Main Street deliver?

We have a large free delivery radius! In general, we have a 15 mile radius from Walt Disney World, which includes Universal, Sea World, and all International Drive hotels and attractions. 

If you have any questions or would like to check if your hotel or vacation home is within our free delivery radius, chat with us below or call us at 407.479.6640

Deliveries or returns outside of our free delivery radius incur a $25 one-time charge per order.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
We have a worry-free cancellation policy!
Cancellations for a full refund can be made up-to 48hrs in advance of delivery date free of charge or fee! After 48hrs we will refund your full order and charge the following reduced fees: $35 for single stroller, $45 for double stroller, and $50 for Stroller Wagon.
If you need to cancel for any reason, please reach out to us so we can handle your situation on a case-by-case review.
Can I extend my rental?

Yes! You can call or text us 24hrs before your return date to ask for an extended rental! Please note that we cannot guarantee availability to extend the requested period, but will do our best to accommodate all requests! Any additional days incurred will be charged to your card on file with your approval.

What if I have a problem with a stroller?

Although unlikely, if you experience any issues with your stroller simply call the number on your stroller tag for assistance. If it cannot be resolved quickly over the phone, we will send out a replacement stroller to your location – meeting you as close as the Guest Drop Off areas of the parks if needed. 

Does Main Street offer stroller insurance? What does it cover?

Yes, we offer an Insurance Waiver for the price of $15 for the duration of your rental period.

Full details of the insurance waiver can be found in the Rental Agreement.

Insurance Waiver Terms

There is an offer of insurance to every Renter. This insurance covers theft, destruction or accidental damage. Before the conclusion of this Agreement and any time before receiving the rental item(s), the Renter has freewill on whether or not to purchase the insurance. After the acquisition of the rental item(s), such freewill will no longer be available. Without the purchase of the insurance waiver, the Renter is not covered in the event of theft, destruction or accidental damage. In addition, in the event of fraud by nature of misrepresentation, the insurance waiver becomes invalid.

The insurance waiver covers only for items rented from Main Street. Any personal item of the Renter is not covered by this waiver. The waiver is not transferable. At the designated return time listed in the reservation, the insurance waiver becomes void.

An insurance waiver purchased by the Renter will be rendered void if:

the Renter does not return the rental item to the proper location or leaves it in the guest room
the Renter does not return the rental item by the designated time
the Renter abandons rental items during the rental agreement period
the Renter disassembles or removes any part from the rental items that should not be removed
the Renter uses the rental item for anything outside its intended purpose
the Renter fails to relate changes to the agreed-upon delivery or pickup locations
the Renter fails to, upon discovery of a stolen item, inform Main Street promptly.
the Renter fails to file a report of lost/stolen item with the theme park or resort where the theft happened within 2 hours of the discovery of the item being stolen.
Insurance DOES NOT cover the following cases:
Rental item(s) are abandoned, left behind or forgotten at any locations.
Rental item(s) are discarded, left behind or forgotten in any forms of transportation.
Damage or destruction done to the property of others.
Damage, destruction or discoloration of stroller fabric from chemicals used by the Renter
Pen or marker stains on the interior of the stroller

Loss of individual parts of stroller, including but not limited to shoulder pads, lap restraints, shoulder straps, etc.

Does Main Street offer cup holders?

Of course we do! And we include them with the price of your rental! No nickle-and-diming you for the essentials!

Does Main Street offer snack trays?

Our single and double strollers include snack trays with your reservation. No paying extra for the things that make your vacation easier.

Does Main Street offer rain covers?

Yes. Each stroller will include a rain cover to utilize in the inevitable chance of Florida rain. We recommend using them when parking a stroller for a ride or going into a show, as rain comes and goes without warning.

Are your strollers clean?

Cleanest in the biz!

Our 3-step cleaning process makes sure that your stroller(s) are in tip-top shape!

When returned out strollers go through an extensive process to be cleaned, sanitized, and detailed:

  1. Returned strollers go through a deep cleaning.
  2. We utilize powerful pressure steam cleaning for 100% chemical-free sanitization from germs, viruses, and bacteria. This sanitization goes over every piece of the stroller, fabric, handles, etc.
  3. Finally, a thorough detailing process has our strollers looking brand-new and ready for your vacation!
Are there any age, weight, or height restrictions?

Our strollers have individually weight and height restrictions. Please refer to each strollers’ description for info.

It should be noted that any damage caused by misuse of the strollers, including not abiding by weight or height restrictions, can result in full repayment of the strollers replacement value to Main Street.

How will I tell my stroller apart from the crowd?

Your stroller will have a family name tag on the back that will help you identify your stroller in the crowd. Simply fill out your family name when making your reservation.

Why purchase a case of bottled water from Main Street?

A single bottle of water in the parks costs $3.50!

We offer your family the convenience of a 25 count case of water for $10.00 delivered with your stroller(s) directly to your hotel or vacation home.

Do you offer a Military Discount?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount off your entire order as our way to say “Thank You” for you & your families service!

**May Special! For Military Appreciation Month – we are offering an increased military discount of 15% to all orders placed in May – thank you for your family’s service and sacrifice!**

A family member in the renter’s party must have an active-duty U.S. Military ID. Please use Discount Code: “StarsAndStripes15”