It is the sole responsibility of the Renter to read, review, and agree to this Rental Agreement & Liability Waiver in order to complete reservation(s). 

Rental Agreement

This Agreement shall be between you the “Renter” (whether one or more individuals) and Main Street Strollers, LLC (“Main Street”). Main Street is the sole owner of all of its rental equipment, which is available not for sale, but for rent based on the rental rates set forth and on a strictly for personal use basis. By checking the “I agree to the Rental Agreement” box before check out, the Renter agrees to have read and understood the terms and conditions herein and to abide by these terms. If for any reason the Renter does not agree to the terms below, they should cease pursuit of renting a stroller from Main Street.

Reservations and Payment

The Renter’s reservation is attached to this agreement and integrated by reference.

For payment, all major credit/debit cards are accepted. Payments are to be made at time of reservation through the website. Without payment, the reservation is not inputted into our system and we cannot guarantee the availability of your stroller order.

After payment, Main Street will send you an email within 24 hours, confirming your reservation. Kindly contact us if you do not get the confirmation email 24 hours after payment is made to make sure your reservation is confirmed.

Delivery & Return Policy

We will deliver your stroller(s) directly to your Walt Disney World or Orlando area resort or vacation home FREE OF CHARGE for individual orders. For Bulk orders of stroller quantities over 10, Main Street reserves the right to charge a Bulk Delivery Fee set on a case-by-case review.

When making reservations, the Renter will be required to specify the name and location of the Disney or area resort, hotel, or vacation home where the rental item(s) will be delivered and retrieved.

The renter is allowed to have a different pickup location than the drop-off, as long as both locations are within the stated Main Street Delivery Area (specified in the FAQ section at The Renter understands that any rental item returned from a location outside of the stated Main Street Delivery Area may incite a $25 fee.

​        For Disney Resort Hotels:

Delivery – Disney requires the guest to meet Main Street’s Stroller Tech to accept delivery of their stroller(s). Main Street will meet the Renter to deliver rented item(s). To alleviate standing time, our delivery agent will contact the Renter via the phone number given with the reservation to arrange the exact arrival time.

Return – Disney requires the guest to meet Main Street’s Stroller Tech to return their stroller(s). Main Street will meet the Renter to pickup all rented items. If Renter leaves rental item(s) in hotel room or at bell/luggage desk, Renter may be charged a $75 recovery fee from Disney – passed through Main Street Strollers. If the rented item(s) cannot be recovered, the Renter will be solely responsible for the full retail value of the rented item(s), whether or not damage insurance waiver was purchased.

       For non-Disney hotels and vacation homes:

Delivery – The rented item(s) will be delivered to the bell/luggage desk or front door of vacation home at or before the time requested at reservation. If the Renter is unable to locate or take delivery of the rental item(s), it is the responsibility of the Renter to contact Main Street within 6 hours of the agreed delivery date and time via a phone call or email.

Return – The rented item(s) must be ready for pick up at the bell/luggage desk or front door of vacation home by the time the Renter requests at time of reservation.  If the rented item(s) cannot be recovered, the Renter will be solely responsible for the full retail value of the rented item(s), whether or not damage insurance waiver was purchased.

The Renter is required to notify Main Street if they are running late and/or they will not be available within the delivery or return timeframe. Failure to notify Main Street may result to the rescheduling of the delivery or pickup timeframe, a $25 return trip fee, and/or an extension of the rental period by an additional day(s). It is the responsibility of the Renter to provide an accurate delivery location during reservation. If a wrong location is provided, and another trip to redeliver occurs, this will incite a $25 return trip fee.

The Renter understands that requested delivery times will be honored to the best of Main Street’s ability within a 30-minute window. Furthermore, the Renter understands delayed delivery times may be unavoidable due to traffic or circumstances outside of Main Street’s control. The Renter agrees that during Acts of God, including extreme weather, etc. deliveries and pickups may be temporarily suspended for the safety of the delivery team until it is deemed safe by Main Street to continue deliveries.

Changes to Reservation

The Renter understands and accepts that all requests for changes to the existing reservation must be submitted at least 48 hours before the agreed delivery time in related reservation. Change requests made less than 48 hours before the agreed delivery time will be honored at the discretion of Main Street.

The Renter may request to extend the rental period while it is still in the Renter’s possession. The Renter agrees to contact Main Street Strollers 24hrs before the return time to request the extension the rental. The Renter understands that a request will be confirmed by Main Street based on availability of the item(s) rented, and Main Street cannot guarantee availability to extend a rental period. If extended rental is granted, the Renter may be charged a difference in rate based on extended dates vs. original reservation duration.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by Renter

Cancellations are to be made 48hrs in advance of delivery date in order to avoid a cancellation fee of $35 for single stroller, $45 for double stroller, and $50 for Stroller Wagon. If you need to cancel for any reason, please reach out to us so we can handle your situation on a case-by-case review.

Cancellation by Main Street

Main Street reserves the right to cancel any reservation or provide substitutions to any reservation at any time at our sole discretion. The reason for cancellation may include but not limited to extreme weather conditions or absence of the Renter at the delivery location.

Possession and Proper Usage

  • Renter agrees to maintain possession of rental item(s) for duration of the rental period. The rental items should be kept securely when not in use.
  • If the Renter notices any defect or malfunction of the rental item(s) while in use, it is the responsibility of such a Renter to inform Main Street Immediately of such defect or malfunction promptly to facilitate a replacement item(s).
  • Renter agrees to use rental item solely for its intended purpose. Adherence to the posted weight limits is important. The use of the rental item(s) should not be in violation of any national, state or/and local laws and regulations.
  • Stroller exchange due to excess wear or bodily fluids may be charged an excess usage fee of up to $25 at Main Street’s discretion.
  • Breach of any aspect of this Agreement may result in termination of rental. Upon termination, the Renter agrees to hand over any rented item and its accessories to Main Street. Based on sole discretion, Main Street may refund any portion of a rental that it deems necessary to terminate.

Damages, Loss, and Damage Waivers

The Renter accepts the rented item(s) listed in the reservation and accepts full responsibility for the safekeeping and supervision of the equipment while in the Renter’s possession. If any or all of the rented item(s), including complimentary accessories, are not returned to Main Street within a 24hr period of the end of the agreement, the Renter is solely responsible for paying the fair market value of said item(s). The Renter also agrees to authorize the replacement cost of each rental item(s) to the Renter’s credit card if the rental item(s) is not returned. A complete refund will be assigned to the Renter if an item has been recovered after being charged.

The Renter is entirely responsible for the loss, damage, theft, or destruction of the rental item(s) and agrees to pay the complete replacement value for the rental item(s). The Renter also agrees to authorize the replacement cost of the rental item(s) to the Renter’s credit card.

The Renter agrees to return the rental item(s) in the same state as it was delivered, and to report immediately to Main Street any loss, damage, theft, or destruction to the rental item(s).

The Renter hereby acknowledges that it was offered the opportunity to purchase insurance to cover the damage, theft, or destruction of the rental item(s), and chooses/declines to purchase insurance.

Insurance Waiver Terms

There is an offer of insurance to every Renter. This insurance covers theft, destruction or accidental damage. Before the conclusion of this Agreement and any time before receiving the rental item(s), the Renter has freewill on whether or not to purchase the insurance. After the acquisition of the rental item(s), such freewill will no longer be available. Without the purchase of the insurance waiver, the Renter is not covered in the event of theft, destruction or accidental damage. In addition, in the event of fraud by nature of misrepresentation, the insurance waiver becomes invalid.

The insurance waiver covers only for items rented from Main Street. Any personal item of the Renter is not covered by this waiver. The waiver is not transferable. At the designated return time listed in the reservation, the insurance waiver becomes void.

An insurance waiver purchased by the Renter will be rendered void if:

  • the Renter does not return the rental item to the proper location or leaves it in the guest room
  • the Renter does not return the rental item by the designated time
  • the Renter abandons rental items during the rental agreement period
  • the Renter disassembles or removes any part from the rental items that should not be removed
  • the Renter uses the rental item for anything outside its intended purpose
  • the Renter fails to relate changes to the agreed-upon delivery or pickup locations
  • the Renter fails to, upon discovery of a stolen item, inform Main Street promptly.
  • the Renter fails to file a report of lost/stolen item with the theme park or resort where the theft happened within 2 hours of the discovery of the item being stolen.

Insurance DOES NOT cover the following cases:

  • Rental item(s) are abandoned, left behind or forgotten at any locations.
  • Rental item(s) are discarded, left behind or forgotten in any forms of transportation.
  • Damage or destruction done to the property of others.
  • Damage, destruction or discoloration of stroller fabric from chemicals used by the Renter
  • Pen or marker stains on the interior of the stroller
  • Loss of individual parts of stroller, including but not limited to shoulder pads, lap restraints, shoulder straps, etc.

Important: The Renter must file a report with theme park security and provide a copy to Main Street IMMEDIATELY if a rented item is thought to be stolen. If the event occurs outside of a theme park, the Renter must file a report with the local police department and send a copy of the report to Main Street.

Any incident of suspected theft must be reported to both theme park security/local police and to Main Street IMMEDIATELY. This notification must be in the form of a phone call or email. Any incident not reported promptly will void the insurance purchased for the rented item.


We may disclose with the applicable hotel, resort, and other delivery/pickup site personnel so as to assist them to collect your rented stroller(s), accept them from you, and keep them until we come to pick them up after your rental period. In addition, for the sake of quality control and training, phone calls to the Main Street reservation team, office team, and/or driver cell phones may be recorded.


A copy of this liability waiver will be attached to your reservation confirmation.

Liability Waiver

As soon as a Renter acquires and uses the rental equipment, the Renter accepts that the rental equipment is used at his/her personal risk. In no way does Main Street hereby make any warranty regarding the rental equipment. Therefore, Main Street hereby explicitly disclaims any express or implied warranty.

In no way shall Main Street Strollers as well as its owners, partners, employees, agents, and affiliates be deemed responsible for any form of accident, damage or injury resulting from any direct or indirect use or misuse of the rental equipment.

The Renter agrees to hold harmless Main Street Strollers LLC and its owners, employees, and affiliates in the event of any liability, death, injury, property damage or loss which may result from the direct or indirect use or misuse of the rental equipment.  

This Agreement is governed and bound by the laws of the State of Florida.

Release of Liability

In accordance with the rental agreement between myself and Main Street Strollers, LLC, I agree to and accept the following terms:

  1. I accept that I am solely responsible for the proper use of rental items in line with the manufacturers’ instructions and guidelines.
  1. I understand and accept that there may be some risks of injury or damage from the use or misuse of the rental items.
  1. I knowingly and expressly assume all risks, both known and unknown, and assume complete responsibility for my use of the rental items.
  1. I, for myself as well as on behalf of anyone related to me (including without limitation to my assigns, heirs, personal representatives, and next-of-kin) hereby hold harmless, and agree not to sue Main Street Strollers, LLC  (including without limitation to their officers, agents and employees), the owner of the rental items I have decided to rent,  in the event of any injury, disability, death and damage or loss to any person or property, either caused by the negligence of the owner or otherwise, unless that which is the result of obvious negligence or reckless misconduct.
  1. I understand and accept that this RELEASE OF LIABILITY covers and includes every item which I have agreed to rent.
  1. I further understand and accept that this RELEASE OF LIABILITY shall be governed and bound by the laws of the State of Florida.

Arbitration of Disputes

The Parties shall ensure a good-faith effort to resolve any dispute or claim resulting under the terms of this Agreement via mediation with the help of a mutually acceptable mediator. If any party initiates an action in line with a dispute or claim to which this section applies, without first trying to settle the matter via mediation, then such a party shall not be qualified to recover attorney fees, regardless of if they would otherwise be available to such a party in any such action. In the event that the Parties are fail to settle any such disputes or claims, they shall submit them to arbitration under the stipulations of the State of Florida.


Option to Decline

 If for any reason, you as a Renter do not agree with any of the terms and conditions as outlined in this Agreement, you should not make any attempt to make a reservation, click on the “I Agree to the Rental Agreement” and “I agree to the Liability Waiver” check boxes at time of checkout, or otherwise engage in any rental service with Main Street Strollers, LLC.